Touchup - Manual

To access the main Touchup control panel, move the mouse over the image and click on the left button of the mini panel. When you are done, click the checkmark to hide the control panel. Click on the magnifying glass within the mini panel to switch to zoom-mode. Click to zoom in, shift-click to zoom out, + to expand, - to shrink, and ESC, Backspace or zoom out fully to exit. Listed below are the main panel controls and their function. Similar descriptions appear in the description area (below the panel) when hovering the mouse over each button.

Mini Panel

    Control Panel

Mini Panel Button  Function  Description
GraphTouchup ImageShow Touchup controls (not shown in 'basic' or 'view' mode)
Magnifying GlassZoomSwitch to Zoom mode (not shown in 'view' mode')
iPicture InfoShow additional picture information, and EXIF details if present (")
Main Panel Button  Function  Description
CheckmarkDoneHide Touchup controls
Twisting arrowsOriginalRevert to the original image
GammaGammaAdjust the midtones
SunBrightnessAdjust the brightness
MoonContrastAdjust the contrast
AlphaAlphaAdjust transparency to show alpha color
GradientPosterizeReduce number of colors to hinder screen copying
PixelsNoise FrequencyAdd pixel noise to hinder screen copying (increases spacing)
B & W PixelsNoise LevelAdjust brightness of pixel noise
RedRedAdjust red gamma
GreenGreenAdjust green gamma
BlueBlueAdjust blue gamma
Red Green BlueSaturationAdjust the amount of color
Cyan Magenta YellowColorsInvert color channels, yellow becomes blue, etc
GrayB & WSwitch between black & white and color
GraphHistogramDisplay graph of pixel count at each level of brightness
Canadian FlagLanguageSwitch between languages
Wand<User Defined>Defined by page author, otherwise hidden
Magnifying GlassZoomAdjust the magnification
Right ArrowHorizontalMove the image horizontally
Down ArrowVerticalMove the image vertically
Horizonal ArrowMirrorFlip the image horizontally
Vertical ArrowFlipFlip the image vertically
Curved ArrowRotateRotate image clockwise 90 degrees
DocumentHTMLShow HTML code to display the image with the current settings
ClockBenchmarkTime the duration of processing the image 20 times
?HelpTakes the visitor to the Touchup Web Site