Touchup - Macintosh

Macintosh and Java

To use Touchup (a Java Applet or program), use the Safari browser on your Macintosh. When Apple designed OS X, they included Java. Apple's Safari browser knows of this Java. Unfortunately other browsers (such as Firefox and Explorer) are not able to see the Java built in to OS X, and continue to use older versions of Java, such as 1.3.1. Updating Java will not change the version of Java used by these other browsers. This is true today (Summer 2005), but may change in the future. Apple's Safari browser is recommended for Macintosh users.

Your Browser's Java Enabled Setting

This page requires JavaScript to be turned on. Please enabled it and refresh this page. More browser information can be found on the Configuration Test page.

Your Browser's Java Version

Below this paragraph is a small applet (pale purple background) that reports the version of Java used by this browser. The version of Java may vary across browsers on your system. On a Macintosh, you want to use a browser that shows java.version newer than 1.3.1, such as 1.4.1, 1.4.2, 1.5.0, etc. Java 1.3.1, commonly used by non-Safari browsers on the Macintosh, is quite old.

Your browser is not set to run Java applets.

Touchup Test

Below is a test of the Java Applet: Touchup. You should see an image of a golden galaxy of stars on a black background. While you may see the image with an older version of Java, such as 1.3.1, you may require a newer version of Java to view larger images with Touchup.

Your browser is not set to run Java applets.

Updating Java on a Macintosh

For those technically inclined, there is a download that will allow you to use a more recent version of Java in non-Safari browsers. Information about this Macintosh download can be found at Source Forge. Please direct all questions regarding the Source Forge project to that website. Note that Apple's updates will update the Java used by the Safari browser.