I've been a consultant on a wide variety projects, from minor updates to starting from scratch to complete rewrites. Nearly all of these projects have involved some Google Maps work, the largest involves everything but. The project teams have varied in size from one to a half-dozen developers. MySQL & AJAX are other common elements, and suitability for mobile devices is becoming popular. See Services page for further details for technologies and methods. If you need references, please contact me about the kind of work required on your project and I can get back to you with a list of satisfied clients.

DTMaps - site

DTMaps SiteSearch based on location using a wireless embedded sensor network for anything from Forest Fire Detection to open parking spots, this site's uses are open-ended. The mobile site uses the recently introduced Static Maps from Google Maps, allowing the site to work without Javascript. Preferences can be set to tailor the site to Internet-capable cellphones such as the iPhone. The desktop site adds merged searches, charting and other extras. This multi-lingual site uses Google Maps & AJAX, but unlike the others listed here it was written with ASP and MSSQL technologies.

Visit DTMaps.com (use 'Geneva' as a location, and turn on 'Use Test Data' within settings)

Photographer's Site

This site belongs to one of America's top photographers, but is currently private. I was initially contacted to add my Online Image Editing service to their site, but my involvement has been constant over the past several years. Here a visitor can rate, comment, annotate, crop, edit, layout, market and sell photos, at the professional level.
Not public at this time.

The Wise Guide - site

Wise Guide Site The client supplied the raw data and a few page mockups, the rest was taken care of by Pixel Development. This is the largest database I've dealt with so far, some database tables on the American version have over ten million records. Various searches can be performed on this site, some of the results are shown using Google Maps.

Visit WiseGuide.ca

ProShotPhoto - site

ProShotPhoto SiteThis is the website for one of Vancouver's top Photographers. It runs on a Content Management System that was made to the client's specifications. ProShotPhoto has sold dozens of websites using this CMS, an example of this is www.advantagehelicopters.net

Visit ProShotPhoto.com

Pixel Development - site

This web designer site uses the latest XHTML and CSS standards. It was designed to be accessible not only for the visually impaired, but for non-English speaking visitors as well. The site works on a wide range of screen resolutions. Unique to this site is a full featured gallery with temporary as well as permanent online image editing. More detail New window

Online Image Processor - site

The perfect addition to any online image gallery. The Online Image Processor, a combination of server and clients-side scripting, has been designed to give a website visitor all the common image enhancing tools. Colour correcting, black and white conversion, resizing and more. This feature can be added to any website, a demonstration can be seen on the Pixel Development site. More detail New window

Your Vancouver - site

The design goal of YourVancouver.com was to provide an appealing destination for Vancouver residents and visitors. The tourism section provides printable one page summaries for top attractions. The business directory provides a place for visitors to find what they need, and for businesses to promote their goods and services. In keeping with the theme, a colourful email notification was designed. Served using Microsoft IIS, SQL, and coded using the latest HTML and CSS standards. More detail New window

Photo-Paint Image Processor - script

Corel Photo Paint is an image editor with a powerful scripting language. I created this tool to speed and standardize the processing of images. In this one dialog an image can be resized, coloured, sharpened and more. For greater convenience, all settings can be saved into a preset. Learn more...

Reminder - application

Reminder is a C++ Windows, system-tray application for tracking tasks. Use it to let you know it's time for a meeting, deadline, doctor's appointment, a birthday, or even your favorite T.V. show. A glance at the main window alerts you to upcoming events. Also features Internation clocks, timers, and the ability to monitor specified web pages. More detail New window

Super Natural Woman - site

The design goal of Super Natural Woman was to set up clean look for a model's diary. Since then it has been maintained by a variety of webmasters. This site does not use server side scripting or database. It was coded to the HTML and CSS standards of that time. More detail New window

Touchup - applet

Touchup is an image processing applet for displaying images on a web page. Replacing a web page <img> with a few lines of code allows visitors to adjust images to their computer and viewing conditions. Touchup has many features, including keyhole zoom, gamma, rotation, and is fully scriptable. To reduce the need for users to update their version of Java, Touchup has it's own pixel routines, not relying on Java libraries for basic processing. Learn more. More detail New window

Digital Photography Reference - site

Digital Photography Reference is a collection or articles and tools, dating back to 1999. It was an experiment with Frames and JavaScript. Unlike most framed sites, it put content pages back into the appropriate frame. Various visitor tools assist in site validation, Internet searching, and web development. It was coded using the standards of that time. More detail New window

School Information System - application

Mac School and Win School software suites (Chancery Software) were developed to assist teachers and administrators in managing school information such as attendance, marks, report cards, scheduling and data transfer. As of 2005, this multi-award winning software is used in 20,000 schools World-wide. More detail New window

Wall Street Investor - application

Wall Street Investor (Chancery Software) was developed to track personal financial portfolios, gathering up to date stock quotes and company fundamentals from I. P. Sharp Associates. This application gave a user the ability to select, compare and graph company fundamental details. This software was more flexible and provided faster quote downloads than the competition.