This site was designed to present products, services, and web design by Peter Jones, based in Vancouver.

It has been created with the latest standards for accessibility. While fairly sophisticated, it is lightweight when it comes to bandwidth. A single JavaScript and CSS file are shared among all pages for quick loading.

Efforts have been made to make it acccessable for visitors with handicaps. These include the ability to strip all presentation detail (contained in the CSS file) from the page for the blind, and the ability to adjust text contrast for those on computers that make reading difficult as well as for those with impaired vision. These settings are recorded for future visits. To handle International visitors, one-click translation to a language of the visitor's choice is available in the footer of each page.

What's different about this site?

  • Customization of layout, colours and contrast under user control
  • Gallery with permanent and temporary image editing feature
  • Gallery useable even with JavaScript off
  • One click language translation (see flags in footer)
  • Readable XML
  • XML explained (see the '?' next to the XML button)


More information can be found on the Services and Portfolio pages.


Kudos to Blur Software for it's ASPSimpleSearch script and AltaVista for it's Babelfish translation service.


My email address is: jonespm2(at)gmail.com